We are one church found in several locations, namely: Goodwood, Brackenfell, and Rundu (Namibia).



The founding church in Kimberley Street, Goodwood, stands on a 1000m2 plot. The foundations of this church trace back to the early 1980’s, where a culture of a love for the Word of God and for worshipping Him, took pre-eminence.

Today, our church is ethnically diverse and has embraced the ethos of ‘Family First’. Our elders and leaders have the goal of creating a relaxed environment in which God can receive his due worship and His people can receive good ‘manna’ from heaven. Our weekly Life Group program offers a platform for intimacy among our family members, providing the perfect environment to grow strong as a believer.



We birthed a new church campus in 2017 to address the needs for a family community church in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. This house church has grown in strides over the past 2 years, providing an intimate and close-knit group of believers.



Almost 5 years ago, we established our first church offshoot in Namibia. Today the Rundu church is thriving under Pastor Kenya, gaining momentum in every manner of the word. We nurture the work in this vicinity and provide hands on support via missions into the area, once a year.

The ethos of ‘Family First’ remains strong in the heart of this church, which has impacted families in the community to live a more victorious life in Jesus.